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Dr. Grayson Kimball

Dr. Grayson Kimball is a Mental Performance Coach in Boston, an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the Sport Psychology specialization degree with Northcentral University, an adjunct lecturer in Sport Psychology at Northeastern University in Boston and is a non-certified mentor with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology.


For nearly 20 years, Dr. Kimball has been conducting private consultations, sport parenting workshops, and mental skills training seminars for a variety of Olympic, professional, collegiate, high school, and youth sport athletes and teams. An avid runner, Grayson has completed 8 marathons, 17 half-marathons, serves as the Head Coach for the Team Brookline Boston Marathon Charity Team, consults for numerous endurance training groups in Boston and is the author of the book Grateful Running: Mental Training for the Long Distance Runner.

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